1. Security Council Increasing border control in European countries as a possible way to combat the ever-growing threat of terrorism.

2. Historical Security Council 2008 Russo­-Georgian War.

3. Economic and Social Committee Corruption in european countries as one of the main obstacles in sustaining european stability and integrity as well as solving the refugee crisis.

4. Human Rights Council Limitations to religious freedom in European countries as a violation of human rights.

5. Economic and Financial Committee Offshoring and outsourcing of european entreprises as a risk to economic instability.

6. Disarmament and International Security Committee Missile defence systems in eastern Europe.

7. World Health Organisation Cost­efficient management of urban health strategies focused on International Health Regulations.

8. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Panama Papers; Tackling the problem of secretive offshoring of companies and the impact on European corruption.

9. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Seeking ways of distinguishing refugees from asylum seekers and economic migrants, as well as their distribution throughout Europe.

10. World Bank Finding solutions to demographic problems of Europe.

11. International Criminal Court Prosecutor v. Viktor Yanukovych over alleged crimes against humanity committed on the territory of Ukraine in the context of the Euromaidan protests within the period 21 November 2013 -­ 22 February 2014.

12. International Court of Justice Obligations concerning Negotiations relating to Cessation of the Nuclear Arms Race and to Nuclear Disarmament (Marshall Islands v. United Kingdom).

13. International Monetary Fund Establishment and management of a universal virtual currency.

14. Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee Preserving both European and foreign traditions, mentality and heritage during the assimilation of immigrants.

15. European Council Internal security threats within the European Union.

16. World Trade Organisation Crisis in economic cooperation within EU and its effect on global economic instability and trade agreements.