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Honourable Delegates,                 

It is my distinct pleasure to invite you to Warsaw Model United Nations 2014. I will have the privilege to be your humble host in October, and as such, I would be exceptionally honoured by your arrival in Warsaw. Our conference, organized by Batory Secondary School, grew to become one of the most recognizable Model United Nations in Poland and with your engagement this year’s conference will surely be an remarkable event.                                                                                                                                                                

Since 2006, WawMUN has brought together the most brilliant delegates from dozens of countries to debate together the most significant topics of the international politics. At each conference, students have had a chance to investigate issues that alarm the international community, to negotiate the drafts to satisfy the wishes of their delegation’s country government, and finally to proceed debating their resolutions at the General Assembly, where their work has been presented to all delegates. Such form of discussion results not only in raises the awareness about subjects debated, but also helps build teamwork and mutual understanding between different cultures. It is our aim to help broad-minded  students learn how to concisely communicate their intentions in order to deepen international cooperation. For years, delegates coming to WawMUN have proved to be not only passionate representatives of their countries , but also talented young people that created tremendous policies. We are sure that meeting of such talented individuals will result in an incredible cooperation.

This year’s conference is going to be extremely exciting, we have already started preparations that will make it as unforgettable of an experience for all delegates as we can. The Secretariat, the team behind WawMUN, is working ceaselessly to organize the conference perfectly and are one of the most exceptional and marvelous people I ever had a pleasure to work with. The chairs are chose carefully from awesome young people that are going to eagerly do everything that is necessary to provide the highest level of discussion attainable. Thanks to new partnerships and connections, we are able to make sure that this year’s conference is going to be remarkable not only thanks to the substantive matter, but also because of the surprises awaiting you in October. We are determined to simulate the United Nations to the greatest extent, and by choosing the topic “The Role of the Internet and technology in modern society” we are able to follow the current issues that buffle the international community. Drones, bitcoin, Anonymous, free education and almost instant acess to world knowledge- these factors connected with the Internet influence the world we know in a way not seen before.  Stimulating topics strongly connected with reality show that UN conferences can stay up –to-date with current trends

We are incredibly delighted to invite you to visit Warsaw, the capital of Poland and discover this amazing city of a perfect symbiosis of old history and modern culture. It would be our highest pleasure if we could see you in our city.


Łukasz Bartoszcze
Secretary General of WawMUN 2014