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Debate Preparation

About two weeks before the conference, all delegates will be provided with Study Guides – which are preparation documents containing introduction to their respective committees and topics, necessary background information on the problem, and the overview of international past policies. These are prepared by the Chairpersons of each committee, and while the Study Guide’s are a great basis in understanding the issue more, each delegate is obliged to conduct their own independent research, with main focus on their represented State’s/ Organization’s past views and proposed solutions to the problem.


A few days before the conference, each delegate is to submit a Position Paper via the mymun website. They are to meet the deadlines established by their Chairpersons in their Facebook committee groups, otherwise failing to submit the Papers will result in ineligibility to any MUN awards.


Furthermore, all delegates are to present their Policy Statements at the beginning of the committee sessions, with Ambassadors from the Security Council also presenting Opening Speeches during the first General Assembly. For more information about those, we advise you to check out rules 5.3 and 10.2 of the official WawMUN2022 Rules of Procedure.