Model United Nations is a popular worldwide initiative that stimulates the agenda of the United Nations and is committed to political education of youth.

The main objective of the conference is to provide young people with the opportunity to discuss global problems and improve their debating skills. This initiative is also a chance for development in the field of diplomatic communication in English and acquiring experience needed in a future career. The event focuses on broadening awareness among the young generation about safety, protection of human rights, equality, ecology and the principles governing the economy and world politics.

Warsaw Model United Nations is the largest conference of such kind, not only in Poland, but throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Warsaw Model United Nations is not limited to education; It is also a unique opportunity to meet peers with similar ambitions and interests. Within a few days, participants of the conference have a chance to share their views on the current political situation in the world, while exchanging information on technological development and the economy. This allows the conclusion of long-term relationships, which may turn out as influential in the course of future careers and professions.

The initiative was launched in 2006 by a group of students from Batory High School in Warsaw and is currently the most recognized and prestigious youth conference in this region of Europe. This year's jubilee edition of the 11th Warsaw Model United Nations will surely confirm it's position on a global scale.